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Your Child’s Coding Journey Begins...

Become a Certified Pro by following our class progression to achieve expert status in block coding, game design, AND real world coding! Receive certificates after completion of each coding module to acknowledge your achievement!

Online coding classes designed for what you and your child need today.

Lessons that get kids excited to code!

Our project-based curriculum is developed inhouse by talented coders with extensive experience instructing children ages 6-13. They know the nuances of engaging kids in each age group and roll out new lessons as new trends emerge in learner interests.

Digital badging
Digital badging, enrichment, and more!

CodeAdvantage learners can progress through multi-level learning journeys in each coding discipline and earn digital badges as they go! Our online portal captures and maps learning progress, suggests next steps, and provides content recap and enrichment activities.

Class choices that fit with your schedule!

Whatever your child’s learning plan looks like this year, CodeAdvantage has an offering to map to their needs. You can choose from our robust calendar of scheduled virtual classes, online after-school coding classes, curate a class with your child’s buddies through My Friends Online, or book flexible private instruction.

Rockstar Instructors who love what they do!

Our instructors tell us that they wish they had this experience when they were kids. They promote a fun and social class environment and engage with every student in every class. All of them have prior experience working with children, and are pursuing careers in STEM.

Welcome Parents! Let's talk online coding classes for kids.

This year, it feels like there are more questions than answers when it comes to our children’s education. We get it. We’re parents like you. And, we’re worried about our kids too.

The good news is that coding is well-suited to distance-learning. We were a leader in LIVE online coding classes before the world changed, and have remained nimble in this fluid environment—responding swiftly to evolving customer needs.

Coding refines critical thinking, inspires innovation and invention, and brings imaginations to life! With our LIVE Rockstar Instructors, every online coding class is a fun and highly interactive experience that leaves learners with a sense of accomplishment.Even during these uncertain times, your child can develop technology skills that are certain to serve them well down the road.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about CodeAdvantage, and we hope to be a part of your child’s educational journey.

Happy Codding!
Co-Founders, Charu Chaturvedi and Paul May
Co-Founders, Charu Chaturvedi and Paul May

Get to know a few of our Rockstar Coding Instructors!



“I’m excited to expose our future leaders to early ideas and initiatives within computer science.”

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

School: NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Major: Computer Science and Business & Tech Management

Fun Fact: In high school Rhea fostered more than 10 pugs.



“Coding opens so many doors and I love helping kids unlock their potential and creativity.”

Hometown: Lynnfield, MA

School: NYU –

Major: Computer Science and Music Theatre

Fun Fact: Annie has a pet African grey parrot named Sebbie who talks and sings!



“Teach, computer science, and music are my three passions.”

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

School: Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College

Major: Computer Science

Fun Fact: Andy taught himself to juggle.



“I believe that programming is more than a cool skill; it is a powerful tool that helps with everyday problem-solving.”

Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NY

School: Manhattan College

Major: Computer Science

Fun Fact: When John was younger, he thought that he would never work with the computers, though, after the first class he has been hooked!

Learn About Our Online Coding Classes and Levels

Classes for K-2nd grades

Classes for 3rd-5th graders

Classes for 5th-8th+ graders

Our afterschool coding programs are award-winning and have been featured many times in the media. Here are a handful of our favorite press pieces.

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