• About us

  • The Code Advantage

    We don’t just teach coding and robotics. We create learning environments for kids to develop logical thinking, creative exploration, and critical reasoning skills – while having fun. Kids can join one of our award winning after-school computer programming courses or an online coding class with a live instructor and learn online with other students.

    Rock Star Instructors

    Our instructors come equipped with strong technical backgrounds AND prior work experience with kids. We hand-pick only the best and train them to be masters in classroom management whether it be in an after school program or one of our online coding classes for kids.

    Kid-Tested Curriculum

    We’ve created our own lessons to focus on project-based curriculum so students aren’t only engaged with the content, but more importantly, learn the practical application of what they’re being taught. We structure each lesson plan for students to learn specific coding concepts, create their own projects, and master skills with differentiated learning to address individual student needs.

    Supportive & Fun Environment

    CodeAdvantage classes deliver fun, educational experiences in interactive environments made for learning, creating, and mastering technology skills. It’s important to us that every CodeAdvantage student feels supported, which is why we offer an industry-best 7:1 student to teacher ratio. Our instructors don’t just teach, they build relationships, allowing kids to feel comfortable and confident as they learn and develop their coding knowledge. Rest assured that your child will get all the attention they needed whether taking one of our in-person after school classes or an online coding course.

  • My son screams at the top of his lungs about how much he loves the Modding Minecraft class. Finally, a class that he wishes he could go to every day!!

    — Andrew and son Thomas, 4th grade

    When I ask Natalie how the class is going – she says she loves it and her face really lights up! She has learned a lot of new things and can design games. I am thrilled because the most important thing is for her to enjoy coding and not be intimidated by technology

    — Tabitha and daughter Natalie, 2nd grade
  • Charu Chaturvedi

    Charu Chaturvedi is the Co-founder of CodeAdvantage and mom of three young children. She believes it’s important to feel comfortable with technology early in life, which is why she has made it her mission to bring high quality and fun coding classes to kids.

    “I saw first hand in my own career how strong critical thinking and the ability to work seamlessly with technology allowed me to succeed. In the future, every field will have an underlying technology component so it is more critical than ever for our young kids to learn to read, write, and code.”

    Charu has a BS in chemical engineering, an MBA from Columbia University, and holds two patents. Her professional background includes senior level positions at Affinnova, American Express, Deloitte Consulting, and GE.

  • Paul May

    As a father of 2 daughters, Paul is especially interested in empowering and encouraging young women to code. He is a strong believer in the advantages of computer education for developing problem solving, critical thinking and logic skills in elementary school aged students.

    “The skills developed while learning coding at a young age will be extremely helpful in any career later in life – whether it be in computer programming, the legal profession, medicine, education or just about anything.”

    Paul’s professional background includes management positions in various industries including machine building, power generation, consumer goods and hospitality. Paul has held positions at ABB, McKinsey & Company and Colgate Palmolive and is the founder of a number of businesses in the USA and in Europe. Paul has an MBA from Columbia University.

  • “I’m excited to expose our future leaders to early ideas and initiatives within computer science.”

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    School: NYU Tandon School of Engineering
    Major: Computer Science and Business & Tech Management
    Fun Fact: In high school Rhea fostered more than 10 pugs.

  • “Coding opens so many doors and I love helping kids unlock their potential and creativity.”

    Hometown: Lynnfield, MA
    School: NYU –
    Major: Computer Science and Music Theatre
    Fun Fact: Annie has a pet African grey parrot named Sebbie who talks and sings!

  • “Teach, computer science, and music are my three passions.”

    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
    School: Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
    Major: Computer Science
    Fun Fact: Andy taught himself to juggle.

  • “I believe that programming is more than a cool skill; it is a powerful tool that helps with everyday problem-solving.”
    Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NY
    School: Manhattan College
    Major: Computer Science
    Fun Fact: When John was younger, he thought that he would never work with the computers, though, after the first class he has been hooked!