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  • What Parents and Kids Say

  • Linda and daughter Sofia, 1st grade
    Sofia loves going to her computer class every week. In first grade, she can code using Kodu. Her favorite part of the class is when she can play the games she created. It’s a great opportunity to have this available in the community so young kids can learn to code at the same time they learn to read and write.
  • Drew, 6th grade

    I LOVE modding – it is so cool to play with something I created!! I am also learning about variables and imports – a whole language my parents don’t understand!!

  • Theresa and son Alexander, 1st grade

    Computers continue to change the world around us. I believe when my son and other children learn to write programs, it stretches their mind and helps them think better. Every week, Alexander is very excited to attend his Kodu class and tell his friends what he created in class!

  • Nicola and son Ben, 5th grade

    I just wanted to thank you again for the Minecraft course that Ben just completed. He really loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about it. As a parent, I appreciated the time and personal attention that the teachers spent on him. It was a great experience. Thanks again.

  • Andrew and son Thomas, 4th grade

    My son screams at the top of his lungs about how much he loves the Modding Minecraft class. Finally, a class that he wishes he could go to every day!!

  • Satish and daughter Neha, 3rd grade

    My daughter attended your 3D video game design program in October 2015. She had lots of fun, made new friends, and learned some basics of programming. I was surprised that she even created a couple of games – they look a lot better than I was expecting :). We really needed something like this for her and I am sure she will sign up for another class in January. Thanks Satish

  • Beth and daughter Taylor, 7th grade

    My daughter can’t wait to create something new in class – she is learning even more than she realizes. When we ask her about the concepts covered in class, we are amazed at how much she is learning about coding!

  • Mark and daughter Rachel, 2nd grade

    Thank you for inspiring my daughter! This is a hard thing to do. It is also pretty hard to hold her attention, but the instructors at CodeAdvantage managed to do it. She looked forward to each class and she now wants to try programming with Kodu at home. Very impressed! Special thanks to Jemma.

  • Tabitha and daughter Natalie, 2nd grade

    When I ask Natalie how the class is going – she says she loves it and her face really lights up! She has learned a lot of new things and can design games. I am thrilled because the most important thing is for her to enjoy coding and not be intimidated by technology

  • Eva and son Gabe 3rd grade

    My son is currently taking Kodu with CodeAdvantage. It’s amazing to see how he has become so involved in such a serious activity presented in an entertaining way. He enjoys it greatly. He already knows things that I have no idea about! The result is beyond our expectations, now he can create simple but logical and functional games, which I believe is a big deal at his age. He looks forward to seeing his teachers every week. We will definitely continue on with coding.

  • Dave and sons Alex and Theo, 5th and 7th grade

    Both my kids think all the teachers are great and they are excited to come to class every Saturday. They think its fun and can’t wait to see what they are going to learn next!

  • Zybin and daughter Meghna, 7th grade

    My daughter has just completed your Modding in Minecraft class. She is so excited about her new skills. The entire process starting from enrollment was smooth and easy and I am grateful to John for helping her on some tough parts. Thank you guys for your work. I will definitely recommend your class to my friends. Good luck with everything!