• Coding

  • By 2020, over 1 million computing jobs will be unfilled in the US due to lack of candidates with the right skills and experience.

    Regardless of whether your child pursues a career in a computer-related field, the problem solving process learned through coding will serve as a solid foundation for any future career path. Plus, our classes are a lot of fun.

    All of our coding classes can be taught in your child’s after school program or scheduled as private lessons. Contact us to get started.

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  • Kodu | Grades 1 – 5

    Kodu is a visual programming language that allows kids to bring their imaginations to life and helps them develop critical skills like storytelling, creativity, and problem-solving.In our most popular class, kids will learn to make their own 3D video games by using fundamental coding concepts such as loops, variable, and constructors. Kodu is a great introduction to coding and a lot of fun.

  • Scratch | Grades 3 – 5

    Scratch is a popular programming language designed especially for kids, that utilizes Java and was developed at MIT. Kids who take our Scratch class will learn its foundations while using fundamental coding concepts to create animations and computer games. This class creates a great foundation for students to use in other advanced programming languages.

  • Modding in Minecraft | Grades 4 – 8

    Kids already love Minecraft. Now they can learn to code in Java while making custom modifications (mods) to their favorite video game. Using this important programming language, students will create powerful objects and special powers that normally do not exist within the game. By learning to build their mods from the ground up, kids will literally “hack” the game and write their own rules – all while developing valuable coding skills.

  • Design with Python | Grades 6 – 8

    Python is the programming language used to create some of the world’s most popular website including YouTube, Google, Instagram, and Spotify. Students will be introduced to computer programming and use Python to build a series of applications and games with text-based graphical interfaces. This fun and educational program will expand their abilities to develop even more complicated games using graphics, animation, and sound.