• PreK-K Classes

  • It’s never too early to get started. Similar to learning a language at a young age, developing programming skills can influence a child’s brain as it continues to develop.

    Our instructors who work with our PreK-K students are trained educators and masters at classroom management. Using online and offline activities, they help young kids build the foundation of core concepts of critical thinking.

    All of our PreK-K classes are available as after-school programs or can be scheduled as private lessons.

  • AweSTEM | PK-K

    It’s never too early to get started with coding. Using engaging offline activities, kids develop critical and creative thinking skills while learning basic coding concepts in a fun-filled environment.

  • TechieKids | K

    Kids learn a variety of computer skills such as spatial concepts, command functions, and mouse movements. Students create a variety of exciting and fun projects to demonstrate their new knowledge.