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At CodeAdvantage, we care deeply about coding education for today’s youth. We have always wanted to address the gaps that existed between the critical need for coding education and the lack of access/resources to deliver computer science education to students.

The problem of inequity has been growing and further exacerbated in recent years. While 67% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing:

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Only 5-6% of computing jobs are held by Black or Hispanic developers. Only 26% are held by women

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Only 6-8% of Computer Science degrees go to Hispanic or Black students

Rock Star Instructors

Female students that take AP Computer Science in high school are 10x more likely to major in it. Black and Latinx students are 7x more likely

We created Code Inspire, a 501c3 organization, to ensure that we are making coding education accessible for all. We work with students between the ages of 6-13 to deliver engaging, high quality coding classes. Access to these classes has been shown to improve school attendance rates, increase problem solving skills, and inspire interest in STEM fields.

When you register for a CodeAdvantage class, part of your registration fee goes toward Code Inspire’s efforts to bring coding education to children (ages 6-12) who traditionally have limited access to technology and computer science education – specifically Black, Hispanic, and female students.

You can learn more about the organization and how you can get more involved here

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