• Kodu | Grades 1 – 5

  • One of the best ways to get a child excited is to allow them to create something of their own. In this class, we enable young kids to make their own 3D video games by using fundamental coding concepts. Students bring their imaginations to life with Kodu – a visual programming language that helps your child develop critical skills of storytelling, creativity, and problem-solving. Kodu is a great introduction for kids to coding.

    For 1st and 2nd graders:

    Kodu Play and Kodu Arcade allow young kids to learn the fundamentals of programming at an appropriate pace. Anticipating that children will have different levels of exposure to using computers, we structure the class to ensure younger kids are grasping the concepts while having a blast. They’ll learn to create 3D video games with a friendly interface and immediate results.

    In Kodu Arcade, children will create games such as Pac-Man, King of the Hill, and their very own superhero adventure game.

    In Kodu Play, children will program Kodu to pick apple, program Kodu to play hide and seek, and even help Kodu find his way out of a maze. Students are encouraged to personalize each of these adventure by adding in their own ideas.

    Kodu Play and Kodu Arcade can be taken in any order. This class is designed for children with little or no computer/coding experience.

    Once students have completed Kodu, we often recommend Scratch as the best class to take next.

    For 3rd-5th graders:

    In Kodu Plus, kids have a blast creating their own 3D video games and adventures while learning fundamental coding concepts such as loops, variables, and constructors. Games are visually engaging and deliver immediate, and allow students to achieve tangible success in every class. Great for kids with any level of coding experience.

    Once students have completed Kodu Plus, depending on grade level, we recommend Scratch or Modding in Minecraft as the best class to take next.

    Benefits of Kodu

    Introduces children to coding basics

    Uses an easy interface to develop 3D games
    Activates creative expression through visual storytelling
    Create really cool games!
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