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  • Weekly Camps (1 hour/week for 8 weeks) - starting at $175

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    We don’t have any new weekly classes during summer. If you are interested in creating a class for weeknights or weekends, please contact us: Create Your Own Camp.

    NOTE: Online classes require a laptop or desktop computer. No iPads or tablets.

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    Day Time Class Grade level Session Dates Price
    Monday 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm EDT EST Python Level 3
    Only 2 spots left!
    Prerequisite: Level 2
    5th - 10th Mon-Fri Jul 20 - Sep 7 $175

    Don’t see a week or time that works for your schedule? Create Your Own Camp.

  • How it Works
    1. Find the perfect class

    Explore our online class options based on your child’s grade and/or speak to our Principal to learn more.

    2. Register

    Choose from a wide selection of available days and times to find a class that’s convenient for you. All classes run on 8-week cycles that meet one day per week. If you want to create your own class – we can customize for your group or 1:1 (pricing varies).

    3. Getting Started

    Once you register, we send you a confirmation and access to our portal. It gives you everything you need in 1 place - I install instructions, class entry links, additional enrichment challenges, and badges once a level is completed! If you need tech help, you can also contact our IT team through the portal and we’ll help you check your technical specs, access to the virtual classroom, go over how everything works, and give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

    4. Learn

    As part of a live classroom setting, kids will be part of a community of real students with real instructors. Optional practice materials and challenges will be provided weekly so students can keep learning even when class isn’t in session. Technical support is available, and just like in school, our principal is available to assist students with any other issues or concerns.

  • Online coding classes

    CodeAdvantage learned how to create high quality, educational and fun experiences for kids of all ages working with thousands of students in top private and public schools in the NYC metro area - one of the largest and most demanding schools districts in the country.

    Our online coding classes offer the same high-quality, kid-tested, parent-approved programs with LIVE instructors working with all the kids in a virtual classroom setting!

    With our progression (Level 1-3) of coding classes, kids learn and apply coding skills across a variety of computer programming languages and build upon what they learned to achieve mastery of coding fundamentals.

  • Online Coding Classes for Kids

    Our classes include everything your child needs to go from beginner to advanced levels so they can master the coding fundamentals of software/web development and game design.
    As students advance to the next levels, they learn more advanced coding concepts and move to more complex projects.

    Note: Due to school closings, we want to do our best to accommodate families and children adjusting to new schedules. Therefore, we have lowered our pricing for the Create Your Own class/camp option We hope this allows kids to learn to code in a virtual class with their friends (and still be convenient for parents!)

  • Online Classes/Camps
    • $165 Classes /$185 Camp
    • Up to 7 students
    • Select from published schedule
    • Access to our Advantage Portal (addt’l enrichment)

  • Create Your Own
    • $200 per child (assumes 7 kids in the class, 10 hours of total class time)
    • Organize a group of kids from friends, similar age siblings, classmates, etc.
    • Create a camp at a day and time that fits your schedule
    • Access to our Advantage Portal (addt’l enrichment)
    • Organizer discounts available
  • 1:1 tutoring
    • Pricing Varies
    • Private instruction with instructor
    • Class days/times customized to fit your schedule
    • Access to our Advantage Portal (addt’l enrichment challenges)
    • Allows makeup classes

  • What Parents are Saying about our Online Coding Courses

    I wanted to get my son involved with coding but could never find a location that fit with our busy schedule. CodeAdvantage’s online computer programming class helped my son learn to code and feel like he was in a class of peers the whole time. All from the convenience of our home!

    My daughter loves the class – she can’t wait to tackle the extra enrichment and feels she has really accomplished so much in each class. The classes are well structured and fun!

    We weren’t sure what to expect from an online coding class but it was beyond our expectations – amazing instructors that keep the kids engaged and having fun. Our 10 year old daughter loved Scratch and is excited to do Python next!

    Finally, an after school enrichment activity that doesn’t require me to do drop off and pick up! The kids get home from school and log into their class – an hour later they can’t wait to tell me what they created and are ready to play and eat dinner!

  • Meet our Principal
  • Erica Chodkowski is the Principal of our Virtual classes. With her dual masters degree in Elementary and Special Education and extensive experience working with students including special needs and gifted, she ensures our curriculum, instructors, and teaching methods create a fun, educational experience for all. Prior to joining CodeAdvantage, Erica also worked for the Walt Disney Company developing a clear understanding of how to run an organization with high quality standards.

    Erica’s mission is for CodeAdvantage to be a catalyst for kids to develop critical reasoning, creative expression, and logical thinking in a fun and interactive environment.

    She is available to answer any questions, receive feedback, or help you select the right class for your child’s needs.

  • Our instructors

    At CodeAdvantage, we pride ourselves on our Rock Star Instructors! They come equipped with technical backgrounds AND prior work experience with kids so they understand how to help young kids learn to code. We hand-pick only the best and train them to deliver a great educational experience. Our instructors don’t just teach, they build relationships, allowing kids to feel comfortable and confident as they develop their coding knowledge.

  • What sets CodeAdvantage apart?
    Rock Star Instructors

    Our instructors come equipped with strong technical backgrounds AND prior work experience with kids. We hand-pick only the best and train them to deliver great online classroom experiences.

    Supportive & Fun Environment

    It is important to us that every CodeAdvantage student feels supported. Our instructors don’t just teach, they build relationships, allowing kids to feel comfortable and confident as they learn and develop their coding knowledge.

    Kid-Tested Curriculum

    We developed our own lessons to focus on project-based curriculum so students learn the practical application of what they’re being taught. We structure each lesson plan for students to learn specific coding concepts, create their own projects, and master skills with differentiated learning to address individual student needs.

  • FAQs
    Are your classes taught by LIVE instructors?

    YES - our rockstar instructors are excited to teach kids to code through all our fun classes. Our instructors have technical backgrounds and experience working with young kids! They know how to motivate, inspire, and educate kids especially in an online environment.

    What are the technical requirements?
    1. A modern PC or Mac computer with sufficient memory is recommended for most classes. Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks can be used for SOME classes but for certain classes, it is NOT supported - please check any special notes for any class you are interested in to make sure you have the appropriate hardware.

    2. A USB headset

    3. A web camera

    Who is a Virtual Classroom for?

    CodeAdvantage virtual classes are intended for 6-15 year olds interested in coding. Our classes range from beginner to advanced. Many parents appreciate the convenience and flexibility of their child taking the class from the comfort of their own home. The kids still feel part of a classroom environment with classmates and an instructor.

    How many students are in each class?

    Our classes have up to 7-9 students depending on the age group. Our goal is to optimize interactions between instructors and students in the class.

    How long do classes last?

    We can create coding classes and camps that meet your needs. Our classes can be 1 hour a week, 1 hour a day, 2 hours a day, etc. Usually classes run for 8 weeks and camps run for 1-2 weeks.
    We can help you Create Your Own Class or Camp that fits your schedule.

    Who are the teachers?

    Our instructors have backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and/or math as well as experience working with kids. With a strong understanding of how to teach coding to young kids, your child gets a fun, educational class experience. All our instructors undergo background checks.

    Can we do a trial class?

    We understand you may want to try a class before registering for the full session or camp. We have created a sampling of trial classes.

    Is this self-guided?

    No, our virtual classroom offers a convenient way for your child to participate in a classroom environment with a real, live instructor. We offer the same great instruction that is available in our after school classes and private classes.

    Is there homework?

    We understand that some students will be excited to apply what they are learning to even more challenges. We provide access to our Advantage portal which contains a high level review of the lesson and additional challenges and exercises that can be done between classes. If a student has questions or wants to discuss the exercises, they can log on 5 min prior to the class start time.

    Can missed classes be made up?

    We only offer make up classes for Create Your Own Classes and 1:1 Tutoring Classes. If you think you will need greater flexibility, let us know so we can help you select the right class type for your schedule.

    What if my child can’t log on or has technical difficulties?

    If you experience any technical difficulties during a class, we will do our best to resolve them without taking away from the full classroom experience. If it is more serious, we will schedule a time to help you resolve it. We suggest everyone log on 5 minutes prior to the class start time so that any unexpected issues can be resolved prior to class.

    Are the additional enrichment exercises checked or graded?

    We don’t require students to complete the enrichment exercises like it’s homework, so we don’t grade it like homework either. However, if students would like to review their work, they’re able to discuss with the instructor 5 minutes prior to each class.

    Do you offer Sibling Discounts?

    We love it when families learn to code! We give you 10% off an 8 week session or camp for each sibling you sign up. The sibling does not need to be enrolled in the same class but should be enrolled for the same timeframe. Contact Us to get a sibling discount.

    Contact us

    We are adding more classes in the near future. Please fill this form out to receive info about upcoming classes and/or to request a custom class (please include day/time preferences).

Scratch Jr Ages: 5-7

Learning to code at any age is beneficial to students. Similar to learning another language, early exposure can help a child pick it up with confidence and ease With coding, the earlier children learn coding fundamentals - they can apply it to any programming language they study over time.

3D Video Game Design Ages: 6-8

One of the best ways to get kids excited is to allow them to create something of their own. In this exciting Intro to Coding, students bring their imaginations to life in full, 3D color!

Minecraft Club Ages: 6-8

In this course kids will be able to recreate a number of real life structures in-game, while learning about a variety of important topics including architecture, physics, and circuitry. Students will love learning how to make a farmhouse, a roller coaster, and even a Rube Goldberg machine

Scratch Ages: 8-10

This class provides a powerful learning tool for budding programmers– using an advanced block coding format, Scratch teaches fundamental programming concepts also used in more complex languages such as Java and Python.

Roblox Build Ages: 6-8

Build and play in your own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio! Students will have the chance to stretch their creative minds by building games such as a fun obstacle course and a high speed racing game.

Roblox Code Ages: 9-11

In this course, students will design, code and play their own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio! Students code using the programming language Lua which is currently the leading scripting language used in games. Roblox’s special version of this language – Roblox Lua, enhances the experience as students manipulate environments and program while having fun.

Web Development Ages: 10-15

This course emphasizes components of both creative design and technical learning – encouraging students to embrace teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving as they progress on their coding journey!

Python Ages: 10-15

This versatile and widely used programming language is a great next step for experienced programmers. It also offers a “on-ramp” to middle school students ready to learn to code! With user-friendly interfaces and syntax, Python is a powerful, “typed” language that will allow students to build a series of applications and games.

Minecraft Java Mods Ages: 8-11*

By modifying (modding) Minecraft’s underlying code, kids create powerful objects and special powers that do not normally exist in the game.
In our classes, kids learn to code their own mods using a drag and drop interface - students literally “hack” the game and bring their imaginations to life - all while learning Java fundamentals (a widely used programming language).

Minecraft Modding: Java Ages: 11-13*

Modding in Minecraft is one of the best ways for kids to learn computer science – students can use their imaginations and knowledge of Java (a widely used programming language) to create custom, unique mods. In these exciting classes, we give students a chance to bring their creativity and problem-solving skills together.