Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club

Ages: 6-8*

Students will build, edit, and explore a full course of fun and educational projects in Minecraft. Kids will be able to recreate real life structures while learning about architecture, physics, and circuitry.

Kids learn to move to and explore within Minecraft. Then, move on to building and crafting. By the end, students will use their knowledge and creativity to make projects on their own. Students don’t need prior experience with Minecraft or coding.

Level 1: Learn the fundamentals of Minecraft while designing your own house, farm, zoo, and more.

Level 2: Explore the secrets of brewing, enchanting, and the power of Redstone.

Level 3: Design trap doors, defend against "mobs", hidden doors - everything you need to bring your Survival skills to the next level.

Examples of student projects:

Building a zoo, Train station, Roller coaster, Rube Goldberg machine, Horse race track, Making a secret door, Wrap-up party

*These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

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