Design with Python


Grades: 6th-8th

Course Overview:

Ever wonder how YouTube, Google, or Instagram were created? Python.

This versatile and widely used programming language is a great next step for experienced programmers. It also offers a “on-ramp” to middle school students ready to learn to code!

Python is a powerful, “typed” language that will allow students to build a series of applications and explore complex graphics, animation, and sound to become a “real world” programmer!

Key Skills students will build in class:
Level 1: Learn basic data types, Create variables, Print text
Level 2: How to use conditionals, Write functions, Organize data in lists/dictionaries
Level 3: Create objects, Explore graphics, Build games with visual components

Examples of student projects:

interactive mad libs, guessing games, choose your own adventure games, customized screensaver graphics

Python: Adventure Game

Grades: 6th-8th

Students will be able to employ creative skills to create their own Choose Your Adventure Game! Crafting their own story that changes depending on the choices made while playing, kids will have a blast learning about computer programming concepts such as input/output, type casting, variables, random number generation, and conditional statements while creating an exciting customized adventure.

Python Game On

Grades: 6th-8th

In this fun class, students will take coding to the next level by programming games and competitions! With more advanced programming concepts, kids will create their own characters for head to head match ups including Pokémon characters, superheroes, famous sport teams, and their own original characters! Concepts covered include input/output, typecasting, variables, random number generation, and conditionals.

Python Clicker

Grades: 6th-8th

Ever heard of Cookie Clicker or Venture Capitalist video games? These hugely popular games represent an ‘auto clicker” game genre! In this class, students create their own auto clicker game by programming a button to increase score every time it is clicked. With the increased score, kids can spend points on upgrades in a shop system (also created by the student) to increase their score further! Students will utilize coding concepts such as conditionals, loops, type casting, and variables to create their own exciting clicker game that even their friends can play.

*These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

Best Ways to Learn Python for Kids


Python is a professional text-based programming language that has played a significant role in web development, scientific computing, game development, data analysis, and more. It is more simple and readable than other languages so that users can gain command over it quickly.

What to Create on Python?

Python is a multipurpose language that creates different types of software. Python Package Index and Python online community can provide support to users and other coders.

What is Python?

Python is a professional-level multipurpose programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991. The language is named after BBC show Monty Python's Flying Circus and is used for web development, data analysis automation, game development, and scientific computing. Having a strong command of Python can allow you to access various career opportunities. Python has a simple language compared to other textual languages. Older children as well teenagers can learn it and can get support from the user community when they get stuck.

Python's Working Process

Python is a backend language that comprises 'behinds the scene' elements of a program. It is an object-oriented programming language that types lines of code to generate objects that work together to form a program. Python incorporates concepts like Boolean, loops, variables, and data types, including lists, strings, and numbers. Users need to download the Python software and appropriate text editor to start programming. The text editor is helpful to write and navigate your code with ease. Moreover, its additional features like tabs numbered lines, error highlighting, and 'syntax highlighting' have different color coding.

Python for Beginners

Even though it is a high-level language, but the complex syntax is part of the scene element. Python is a textual programming language that is simpler than other programming languages. So, new coders can quickly learn essential programming concepts. The syntax for Python is simple English, so it is easy to read and write. Even the lines of code are simple and written in few lines compared to other languages, so it minimizes the chances of errors.

Python's interface is well-organized and separates code into blocks. At the same time, other textual languages, like JavaScript and C#, have a complex interface. Interestingly, Python's system is efficient in handling errors and reporting well compared to other languages, so it consumes less time to do tasks.

What to Create on Python?

Python is a multipurpose and versatile language where users can develop different software. Interestingly, sites like Shopify, Instagram, and YouTube use the Python platform. The Python community created the Python Package Index (PyPI), which is a repository of downloadable software. It consists of 2,700,000 files and 230,000 projects, including Artificial Intelligence and social media frameworks, music library, and strategy games.

It includes third-party liabilities that consist of modules (with python code) that offer multiple options. In addition, libraries like Pygame are suitable for multimedia applications and video games. At the same time, Django and Flask are helpful to develop web applications. Users have the option to edit Python's source code when they improve their programming skills.

Python's Community and Resources

Python's user community is always available to support new coders. In addition, it has created Python Package Index that has potential information about project ideas. It includes tutorials, books, and other resources that can help coders of all ages. Moreover, Python created a trusted online community of programmers on Stack Overflow. The online community arranges meet-ups, talks, and conferences. They also organize programming collaborations and community-contributed projects.

How to Access and Use Python?

Python offers several options, as it runs on all operating systems and low-specification hardware. The free-to-download software is cross-platform. Besides that, it provides paid applications like Pythonista that support Python on touch devices.

Future Opportunities of  Python

Python is a rapidly growing coding language across the globe, as reported by Stack Overflow's 2019 Developer Survey. The demand for Python has increased in the industry, especially in data sciences, information security industries, and machine learning. Teaching kids early helps them develop a marketable skill that can set them apart from others. In addition, Python can open up ways to get command over advanced text-based languages. In the software engineering field, Python programmers get the highest pay.

Python Classes at CodeAdvantage

Kids between the ages of 10-15 years old can get online Python classes at CodeAdvantage. In some cases, it may depend on kids' abilities and requirements. The lessons are practical to teach the basics of coding in fun and straightforward ways that kids can easily understand. They can learn basic data types and writing conditionals that can help them build their games and customized screensaver graphics.

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