• Roblox Build

  • Roblox Build

    Ages: 6-8*
    Course Overview:

    The Roblox Build course uses the Roblox Studio software to teach students about game design. Aspects of the course include: playing games, editing pre-existing games/worlds, and creating interactable worlds from scratch. In this course, students will sharpen their computer skills, express their creativity in new ways, and have fun playing in self-made worlds!

    The Roblox Build course is split into 3 levels. The levels build on one another and each one offers something different. Read each level description to see if it is right for you!

    Lastly, this course acts as a precursor to Roblox Code, where students will learn to program in order to enhance their Roblox creations! Visit the Roblox Code page for more information.

    Level 1:

    New to Roblox? In Roblox Build Level 1, students will play a variety of games while simultaneously being introduced to the Roblox Studio Environment. Students will sharpen their computer skills and learn to use the basic Roblox Studio tools to make small but meaningful edits to existing games.

    Project Examples:

    Let’s Play: Obby, Let’s Play: Galactic Speedway

    Level 2:

    Already have Roblox experience and are good with a computer? Then this is the class for you. This class focuses less on playing and more on building with Roblox Studio. Students will gain further practice with the basic Roblox Studio tools and start to uncover more of what the studio has to offer!

    Project Examples:

    Build Your Own Obby, Build Your Own House

    Level 3:

    Good with a computer and a Roblox Veteran? This class may be for you. Level 3 goes at a fast pace, and expects its students to be comfortable on a computer. In Level 3, students will delve even deeper into Roblox Studio and continue to practice the skills they learned from Levels 1 & 2. By the end of Level 3, Students will be able to build projects on their own, using a multitude of tools within Roblox Studio. Now proficient at building with Roblox Studio, students can take their skills to the next challenge with Roblox Code.

    Project Examples:

    Jungle Treehouse, Graphical User Interfaces

    • *These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

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