Web & App Development

2-Week Summer Camps

Web & App Development with HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Ages: 10-13*

Course Overview:

We all use web-based apps to shop, communicate, play games, and so much more!

This course teaches the building blocks to program and design interactive websites with emphasis on creative design and technical learning. Students develop customized web-based apps and games for smartphones.

In this intuitive, step-by-step class, students will “layer” these 3 components to build and customize dynamic websites and mobile-friendly apps.

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is used to lay down the framework/structure
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) takes care of presentation and visuals
  • JavaScript (JS for short) sets the behavior and level of interactivity

Key Skills students will build in class:

Level 1: Learn the building blocks of web development and create mobile-friendly webpages and apps with added graphics and visuals

Level 2: Bring apps, interactive games, and websites to life with all kinds of interactive features

Level 3: Customize and create your own web-based apps and games using more advanced developer tools

Examples of student projects:

Multimedia websites (mobile-friendly), Mad Libs mini game, calculator app, pong games, virtual zoo, photo gallery, embeddable animations, and more!

Online Coding Camp/Class Schedules

Summer Camps - 2 weeks (1 hour/day)

All camps run Monday-Friday (except for holidays)

Allowed in this class: Windows desktop or laptop, Mac desktop or laptop, Chromebook
Not allowed in this class: Tablet, iPad

Session Dates Time Class Grade level Price
Aug 5 - Aug 16
(10 days)
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT Web & App Development: Olympic Glory 6th - 8th $225
Session Dates
Aug 5 - Aug 16
(10 days)
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT
Grade Level
6th - 8th

Don’t see a week that works for your schedule? Create your Own Camp.

Looking for a different time? CREATE YOUR OWN CLASS for your child and 5 friends to fit your schedule. Prices start at $195 per child. Or consider a private class ($39-$59/hour).

*These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

Importance of App Development Classes for Kids and Teens

Why is App Development Important for Kids and Teens?

  • App development is instructive and offers a creative outlet
  • It offers productive career path options
  • Kids and teens develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • It enables kids and teens to use screen time productively
  • App development consists of professional-level but simple coding languages

Role of App Development Classes for Kids and Teens

The world of technology has advanced to the extent that we now live in a fully connected world. This connection crosses physical boundaries to keep us connected as a whole. As consumers, we can select applications from a range of options, including YouTube, TikTok, and WhatsApp. Many of these have proven helpful during the pandemic.

As technology becomes more prevalent, it looks like kids are growing dependent on it. According to a 2019 report by Common Sense Media, Statistics reveal that about 75% of children in the US (aged 12) spend half an hour in front of a digital device. In addition, teens spend about a half-hour of their walking time while using a screen. Considering how kids spend hours using apps every day, learning how to develop their own can prove beneficial in understanding how they work. This can prove to be productive screen time for kids.

What is App Development?

App development is all about programming that develops design and focuses on creating apps for mobile devices and computers. These apps are highly interactive and customizable to catch users’ attention. Learning to create apps is helpful for kids since it improves their creative skills. App development allows one to start small, like incorporating simple features. As kids enhance their skills, they can build extensive applications that integrate their interests.

Scope of App Development Career

App development skills offer great options for career development.  Since the pandemic started, it moved all businesses online, even the smaller ones. Hence, it has provided new opportunities to app developers in the market and increased their worth. Whether you are working as a freelancer or choosing it as a full-time business, you can earn enough money. If your kid is still struggling with adopting a suitable career, learning to code is an excellent option because of the lucrative tech market. Not to mention, you can encourage your child to start as early as possible.

What Skills does App Development teach kids?

Learning to code apps is helpful to improve problem-solving skills. As they pass through different levels, kids realize that learning new things is not easy, and one must go through several obstacles. In daily life, they’ll learn to embrace challenges and find their way to a solution.

As mentioned above, app development is all about creativity, thinking out of the box, and experimenting with different coding solutions. Although it is a critical skill for adults as well, new versions have opened doors towards easy learning solutions. So now, kids can learn it with guidance from instructors as well.

App Development is Equal to Productive screen Time

These days, many apps that kids use are designed to be psychologically addictive by inducing a dopamine rush. If regulating screen time isn’t proving beneficial, it is better to manage it productively. A great idea is to encourage your kids to learn app development through courses rather than spending time scrolling on social media. Even if kids end up spending more time looking at a screen when learning app development courses, it will benefit them in building a new skill.

App Development and Coding Languages

Some common languages that every app developer should know are JavaScript and Python. JavaScript is a programming language that helps in creating web and mobile apps. Kids can quickly write it using a web browser. The language with the collaboration of HTML and CSS plays a significant role in web technology.
Besides, Python is another simple professional language to learn compared with other coding languages. It plays a primary role in AI, machine learning, as well as web app development. These languages play an important role in the app development industry, so they will likely allow future opportunities for your kids, even teens and older.

App Development at Code Advantage

It is easy to learn app development at through Code Advantage’s courses for kids and teens of age between 10 -15. We offer project-based classes that teach students to use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in website and app development. It can improve their problem-solving skills and creativity. Previous studies have done projects that include galleries, multimedia-friendly websites, and animations.

We offer three different levels of classes:

  • You can learn to do web and app development to build a customized and mobile-friendly app.
  • You can add different kinds of interactive features to games, apps, and websites.
  • Advanced development tools can customize and create your website-based apps and games.

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