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We have lots of ways your child can learn to code, turn their gaming interest into learning critical skills, and have fun while working with our Rockstar instructors.

Our Pro Coder journey is great for 3rd-6th graders

Kids learn coding fundamentals and how to apply them to CREATE amazing projects, worlds, games, and more! At this stage, students have many choices to explore the world of coding and game design according to their interests and experience. It’s time to get take coding to the next level!

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If your child is a new coder, the classes are listed in our recommended order. However, classes can be taken in any order if your child has a particular interest or experience.


Scratch (3rd-5th)

This class provides a powerful learning tool for budding programmers. Using an advanced block coding format, Scratch teaches fundamental programming concepts.

Students learn these critical concepts by creating animations and computer games with interacting characters. Students will apply problem solving skills to debug programs, make customizations and bring their imaginations to life!

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Minecraft Java Mods

Minecraft Java Mods (3rd-5th)

By modifying (modding) Minecraft’s underlying code, kids create powerful objects and special powers that do not normally exist in the game.

Kids learn to code their own mods using a drag and drop interface - students literally “hack” the game and bring their imaginations to life - all while learning Java fundamentals (a widely used programming language).

Each themed class has a specific focus and can be taken in any order! Best of all, kids can test, play, and share their mods so the entire class can play together using their own Minecraft server.

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Scratch: Encanto

Scratch: Encanto (3rd-5th)

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Pygame (4th-6th)

Using Pygame, a powerful set tools for Python game design, students will have a blast remaking the classic video game “Asteroids” and putting a modern “Among Us” twist on it!

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3D Coding with Roblox (Roblox Code)

3D Coding with Roblox (Roblox Code) (4th-6th)

Students will design, code and play their own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio!

Students code using the programming language Lua which is currently the leading scripting language used in games. Roblox’s special version of this language – Roblox Lua, enhances the experience as students manipulate environments and program while having fun.

From Obbys (obstacle courses) to creating Simulator Games, our Roblox Studio Code classes allows kids to publish the games they make – showing friends why Roblox Lua is so awesome!

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AI Gaming & Machine Learning

AI Gaming & Machine Learning (4th-6th)

Have you ever wondered…

  • How Alexa can understand and respond to you?
  • How enemies in video games can work together to try and beat the player?
  • Or how Google can guess what you are searching for before you finish typing?

In this course, students learn introductory concepts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Kids will use these concepts (including augmented reality, simulated learning and functions, and AI behaviors) to create fast-paced interactive games such as Fruit Ninja, Chatbots, Rock/Paper/Scissors, and AI Pets!

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All our Pro Coder classes have been designed to offer your 3rd-5th grader an amazing opportunity to learn about coding and game design. We have other coding journeys available depending on your child’s age and interest area:

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