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We have lots of ways your child can learn to code, turn their gaming interest into learning critical skills, and have fun while working with our Rockstar instructors.

Our Pro Game Designer journey is great for 1st-3rd graders

Good news – playing video games can be a great catalyst for students to learn to code. Kids are often curious about how games are created and how computers work. So, in these classes, they get to learn how to DESIGN their own games and let their imagination come to life!

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Classes can be taken in any order based on your child’s interests and experience

Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club (1st-2nd)

In this awesome class, kids learn while having FUN! Students will learn to move, explore, and build/craft within Minecraft. Then, we recreate real life structures while learning about architecture, physics, and circuitry. By the end, students will use their knowledge and creativity to make projects on their own. Students do not need prior experience with Minecraft.

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3D Design with Roblox (Roblox Build)

3D Design with Roblox (Roblox Build) (1st-3rd)

Using Roblox Studio software, students sharpen their computer skills, express their creativity in new ways, and have fun playing in self-made worlds!

Learning about game design concepts, kids will edit existing games/worlds and create interactive worlds from scratch.

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All our Pro Game Designer classes have been designed to offer your 1st-3rd grader an amazing opportunity to learn about coding and game design. We have other coding journeys available depending on your child’s age and interest area:

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