Modding in Minecraft (Java)

If you would like to bring this class to your child’s school, please let us know. Or inquire about creating a private Modding in Minecraft (Java) class.

Class description

Grades: 4th-8th

Modding in Minecraft is the #1 way to learn computer science – making the popular video game Minecraft your own! By modifying (modding) Minecraft’s underlying code, kids create powerful objects and special powers that do not normally exist in the game!! By learning to code their own mods from the ground up, students literally “hack” the game and write their own rules…all while learning Java (a widely used programming language)

Modding in Minecraft allows students to create custom mods (‘modifications’) that are unique and designed by each student’s imagination. We offer 2 versions of this class, Modding ICE and Modding FIRE. In these classes, students will help their Minecraft character survive the icy plains or the sweltering desert by creating tools, food, armor, weapons, blocks, and more! These exciting new skills can transfer directly to the real-world where any program (not limited to Minecraft) can be created. For any student who likes to play Minecraft, this is a highly rewarding experience.

No prior coding/Minecraft experience necessary.

Modding Ice and Modding Fire can be taken in any order. Once complete, we recommend the next class to be: Design with Python or 3D Animation depending on grade level

What makes our Modding Minecraft different?
Many programs use “copy and paste” functionality to make these classes more fun for the kids. Often, the class becomes about playing the game and parents are unsure if their child has grasped the programming fundamentals. In our courses, we do not use a “copy and paste” approach. We balance the complexity of programming concepts with an engaging interface, multiple teaching tools, and age-appropriate focus.

Andrew and son Thomas, 4nd grade
My son screams at the top of his lungs about how much he loves the Modding Minecraft class. Finally, a class that he wishes he could go to every day!!
Drew 6th grade
I LOVE modding – it is so cool to play with something I created!! I am also learning about variables and imports – a whole language my parents don’t understand!!


  • Learn basics of Java through real programming, not cut and paste
  • Provides opportunity to CREATE through coding
  • Personalized instruction based on Minecraft familiarity
  • Empowers students to “own” the game

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