In School STEM and Coding Enrichment

CodeAdvantage is excited to bring our specially developed coding curriculum to your in-school program. We provide an instructor for a full day anywhere from 1-5 days to teach your students from K-8th grade. We can also discuss options for high school grades, as needed.

Creative Stuffing Solutions

Our turn-key, flexible model is designed to fit your needs for incorporating STEM/coding into a “specials” rotation, increasing your school’s focus on coding and computer programming, and providing high quality STEM enrichment

Technology Instructors

Our trained instructors are capable of teaching in-person or through live, online classes. They can teach classes on their own (using our own curriculum) or work in conjunction with your technology or STEM teacher. At CodeAdvantage, our goal is to make your school district successful by making coding education accessible to all!

Coding and Stem Curriculum

Our curriculum offers highly engaging and educational content using a project-based format. Working with over 20,000 students, we focus on helping kids build confidence, explore their creativity, and build critical analytical skills.

Our Education Director

Erica Chodkowski
Erica Chodkowski

Education Director

Erica Chodkowski is the Education Director for CodeAdvantage. With her dual masters degree in Elementary and Special Education and extensive experience working with students including special needs and gifted, she ensures our curriculum, instructors, and teaching methods create a fun, educational experience for all. Prior to joining CodeAdvantage, Erica worked for the Walt Disney Company developing a clear understanding of how to run an organization with high quality standards.

Erica's mission is for CodeAdvantage to be a catalyst for kids to develop critical reasoning, creative expression, and logical thinking in a fun and interactive environment. 

Erica is available to answer any questions, receive feedback, or help you select the right class for your program.

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