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  • Project-Based Coding Courses Built Around Your Child.

    No matter what we’re teaching, we make sure every CodeAdvantage student is engaged and having fun while learning and retaining important STEM concepts.

    All of our 15+ expert-designed courses are available as private classes or after-school programs. With no brick and mortar locations, we have the flexibility to not only work around your schedule, but also shape the classes to meet the needs of your kids — whether or not they have any prior coding experience.

    As long as you have the passion to prepare your child for the future, we bring everything else — instructors, curriculum, equipment, and experience.

    Ready to let us help you find the right class?

  • Coding | Grades 1 - 8

  • Kodu
  • Kodu | Grades 1 – 5

    Kodu is a visual programming language that allows kids to bring their imaginations to life and helps them develop critical skills like storytelling, creativity, and problem-solving.

    In our most popular class, kids will learn to make their own 3D video games by using fundamental coding concepts such as loops, variable, and constructors.

    Kodu is a great introduction to coding and a lot of fun.

  • Scratch
  • Scratch | Grades 3 – 5

    Java is a popular programming language developed at MIT. Kids who take our Scratch class will learn its foundations while using fundamental coding concepts to create animations and computer games. This class creates a great foundation for students to use in other advanced programming languages.


  • Minecraft
  • Modding in Minecraft | Grades 4 – 8

    Kids already love Minecraft. Now they can learn to code in Java while making custom modifications (mods) to their favorite video game. Using this important programming language, students will create powerful objects and special powers that normally do not exist within the game. By learning to build their mods from the ground up, kids will literally “hack” the game and write their own rules – all while developing valuable coding skills.

  • Web Dev/Design Course
  • Web Dev/Design Course | Grades 4 – 8


    Websites. They’re everywhere. You’re on one right now. So, why not learn to make your own? Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, our Web Dev/Design course will teach you how! Catering to students in grades 4-8, our introductory front-end course emphasizes components of both creative design and technical learning, encouraging students to embrace teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving.

    This course offers an intuitive, step-by-step guide of the basics to enable students to create simple web pages – covering page layout and style and then expanding to a variety of mini-projects which ultimately leads to a final project.

  • Design with Python
  • Design with Python | Grades 6 – 8

    Python is the programming language used to create some of the world’s most popular website including YouTube, Google, Instagram, and Spotify.

    Students will be introduced to computer programming and use Python to build a series of applications and games with text-based graphical interfaces. This fun and educational program will expand their abilities to develop even more complicated games using graphics, animation, and sound.

  • Robotics and Engineering | Grades 1 - 8

  • Robotics Kidbots
  • Kidbots | Grades 1 – 2

    In this junior robotics course, students learn valuable coding concepts while tapping into their imaginations to create and program robots. This class is a great introduction for students interested in robotics.

  • Robotics Anibots
  • Anibots | Grades 3 – 5

    Using LEGO® robotics, students learn important biology and engineering concepts by creating and programming robot animals. Kids will be introduced to important concepts such as torque, traction, and angular velocity while taking their “anibots” through specific movements and tasks.

  • Robotics Earthbot Engineers
  • Earthbot Engineers | Grades 3 – 5

    Students learn about some of the most extreme environments on the planet while programming robots to withstand intense elements. Using LEGO® robotics, kids will build robots that can withstand the heat of volcanoes, avoid lava, have the right amount of friction to pull their way up steep mountains, withstand the pressure of deep oceans, and more.

  • Flying Spacebots
  • Flying Spacebots | Grades 6 – 8

    Space lovers have a blast building and programming space rovers with LEGO® robotics. They’re taught how to adapt machine functions to orbit around objects, deal with changes of gravity and atmosphere, and more. Kids is the Flying Spacebots class learn how to use our knowledge to simulate many real-world problem, and how parts, time, and other components factor into design projects.

  • Extreme Robot
  • Extreme Robot Engineering | Grades 6 – 8

    Kids will learn fundamental physics concepts while building robots that can conquer any challenge. Using LEGO® robotics, students will create robots that can climb walls, wobble in waves, or even resist a robot collision. They’ll also be faced with practical challenges, like making trade-offs in order to get their projects to work in the best way possible.

  • Technology and Arts Exploration | Grades PreK - 3

  • AweSTEM | PreK-K

    It’s never too early to get started with coding. Using engaging offline activities, kids develop critical and creative thinking skills while learning basic coding concepts in a fun-filled environment.

  • AweSTEM

  • TechieKids | K

    Kids learn a variety of computer skills such as spatial concepts, command functions, and mouse movements. Students create a variety of exciting and fun projects to demonstrate their new knowledge.

  • Minecraft Club

  • Minecraft Club | Grades 1 – 3

    Kids learn to navigate the world of Minecraft through creative projects that allow them to learn coding techniques, develop critical thinking skills, and discover the ability to build and automate devices.