Private In-Person Classes

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Take It to The Next Level, with Private Coding Classes!

For many parents, the benefit of having a class in their home at a convenient time is tremendous. For this reason, we are excited to offer the option for a private class. We strive to provide you with flexibility and convenience to bring the wonderful world of coding to your child.

In a private class, we provide our specially designed kid-friendly curriculum and our energetic teachers that love to teach coding to kids of all ages.

Why choose private coding classes?

Our instructors wish they had this experience when they were kids!

  • Enrich your child’s education with critical STEM/Coding skills not often taught in schools.
  • Give your child the benefits of coding instruction that is customized by interest, grade level, and coding experience.
  • See pace and progress [and enthusiasm!] accelerate with exclusive attention.
  • Satisfy ALL their coding instruction interests—Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, 3D Video Game Design, Robotics, Python Instruction, and more!
  • Enjoy instruction that is tailored to your child.

How It Works:

  • Duration: Typically, class duration is 1 hour and there is 1 class per week. Our courses can span 10-18 weeks depending on your needs. We can also meet more frequently or increase class duration if needed.
  • Location: Usually classes are held in a private home, common space, or library room.
  • Equipment: We prefer all participants bring their own laptop. If this is not possible, we can provide laptops (contingent on logistics) for a supply fee.
  • Schedule: We can schedule the class at a day and time that is convenient for you. For summer camps/classes, we can offer more flexible scheduling and pricing (1-3 hours/day, multiple days a week, etc)
  • Class size: We offer 1:1, 1:2 and group private classes (with a minimum of 7 students).

Pricing & Registration for Private In-Person Classes

Pricing is based on 10 hours of instruction. Private in-person classes are available in NYC, Northern NJ, Washington DC metro, Denver, Chicago, and Southeastern Pennsylvania



$1250 total


$75/hour, per child

$750 total per child

Private Group

INSTRUCTION (min 7 students)

$40/hour per child

$400 per child

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If you are in an area that we currently don’t cover, don’t worry, consider creating a private online coding class for your kids and their friends. Visit our private online coding classes page to learn more.

Click Here if interested in Private In-Person Classes

The link will bring you to an online form where you can submit your details and scheduling preferences. Our customer service team will reply with instructor availability and answer any questions.

Your Child’s Coding Journey

Your child can become a Certified Pro by following our class progression to achieve expert status in block coding, game design, AND real world coding! We award digital badges and certificates after completion of each coding module to acknowledge your child’s achievement!

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