Private Classes

Private Coding Lessons for Kids

CodeAdvantage is pleased to offer you the convenience and quality of coding and robotics classes (K-8th grade) in the comfort of your own home with the scheduling flexibility that works for your family.

We offer semi-private classes (for up to 6 students). In addition to our classes being available in numerous after school enrichment programs, we understand that it can be more convenient to schedule your own private lesson or afterschool enrichment class in your own home! This also allows us to customize the class based on the interests, grade, and coding experience of the group. We do offer a discount for the parent that is organizing the private lesson.

Tutoring for Coding and Computer Programming/Science

Our tutoring sessions and 1:1 private lessons are a wonderful way to help your child get excited to code working with one of our experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

With limited opportunity to learn coding through traditional school environments, we can bring our specially developed curriculum to your doorstep! We select the class type and level based on your child’s interest and experience coding (ranging from beginner to intermediate to expert). Best of all, we can tailor the day and time of the private lesson to fit your needs.

Private Summer Coding Camps and Coding Instruction for Kids

Summer is always a great time for kids to learn a new skill! Coding Camps and Coding Instruction in the summer time will allow your child to get more of an immersive experience. With the same flexibility and customization we bring to our private lessons, we can create more options based on your preferences. For instance, we can do 1, 2, or 3 hour camps each day. We can offer coding camps for one week (4 or 5 days) or multiple weeks during the summer. We are happy to work with your schedule to design the right Summer Coding Camp to fit your needs.

Private Lesson Details

Our tutoring sessions and private lessons are a wonderful way for kids to get excited to code – Fill out the form below to get more information!

  • Class Size: We offer semi-private classes (for up to 6 students) and 1:1 private lessons with our fun, interactive coding instructors.
  • Class Type/Level We customize the class based on the interests, level of coding experience, and grade.
  • Scheduling: We can schedule the day and time of the private lesson or semi-private class to fit your needs.
  • Summer Classes/Camps: We can create a more flexible schedule in the summer (e.g 1-3 hours/day, multiple days a week, etc)
  • Special Needs: If you have special request for advanced skill level, special needs, alternative programming languages, let us know!

We look forward to inspiring your child to code! Please fill out this form below so we can follow up with additional details and next steps.

If you are unsure about private lessons, CodeAdvantage operates in many after school programs. If you want to bring our coding classes to your child's school, please sign up to become a Code Ambassador.

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