Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeAdvantage?
CodeAdvantage is a provider of coding classes – we want to inspire kids to learn to code!

Where can my child take a CodeAdvantage class?

  • If your child’s school offers our classes within the after school program, you can enroll with the school. If you would like your child’s school to offer coding classes, become a Code Ambassador.
  • We also work with a number of after school providers with pick up service (check under “Locations” for specific partners).
  • You may also want to consider hosting a private class. Learn more here

Do you offer any classes for Kindergartners?
We have created a special introductory Kodu class tailored to Kindergartners, Kindy Kodu. If you would like to bring this class to your child's school please let us know here and if you may want to consider a private class for your Kindergartner, you can learn more here.

Where can I join a class? 
Please use our location pages to find classes near you. Or consider hosting a private class

How can I get CodeAdvantage to be in my child’s after-school program?
Become a Code Ambassador and we will work with you and your school to offer our classes within the program.

How can I host a class within my home?
Please fill out this form and we will be in touch with information about creating your own fun-filled coding class!

My child missed a class. Can I schedule a make-up session?
Make-up classes are scheduled when they are cancelled due to a school closing.

 My child loves Minecraft. Why can’t they take the class before 4th grade?
Our Modding in Minecraft course teaches our students to use Java to change the underlying source code to create new objects of their own which get uploaded into the game. Java is a complex coding language which requires competent keyboarding skills and a clear understanding of various punctuation marks and symbols. Precise typing is required for programs to run.

My child loved their instructors! Can we have them again for the next class?
While we would love to be able to have an instructor progress through the courses with their class, their work availability determines which class they teach from semester to semester. All of our instructors are fun, interactive, and valuable members of the CodeAdvantage team. Your child will enjoy getting to know, learning from, and having fun with their new teacher. It’s the CodeAdvantage way!

I would like to get your latest news. How can I do this?
Please join our mailing list!

My child loved their CodeAdvantage class! What class should they take next?
You can find our natural progression of courses here:

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