Montclair, NJ Coding and Robotics Classes for Kids

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Join us for a fun-filled coding journey that teaches your child critical skills for the future while having a blast designing their own animations, video games, websites and apps- all while using coding skills to bring their imagination to life!!

About Us: Our mission is to get kids excited about the world of coding, teach them valuable skills, and apply coding fundamentals to create fun projects in each class!

Our lessons are kid-tested and parent-approved! We have taught over 10,000 students in top private and public schools in Manhattan, Chicago, Washington DC, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, IL and through online classes ! Learn more   About Us.

All materials are provided: In each class, we provide students with a laptop and any additional supplies needed (eg. Robotics kit, circuit board).

How Our Camps Are Run

CodeAdvantage camps are great for staying ahead of the curve while having a blast!

In each of our fun-filled camps, our rockstar instructors teach kids coding fundamentals and game design through a mix of projects that appeal to their interests! We take breaks, do cool offline coding exercises, and even talk about inspiring figures in the field of coding! In each camp, kids get to do a show and tell of their creations!

Summer camp is a great way for kids to gain confidence, learn new coding skills, and make new friends! Join us!

Damon, father of Colin, age 13 NJ

I always wanted my son to get interested in coding but with all the other activities, he didn’t take much interest. We signed him up with CodeAdvantage since some friends recommended them. To our surprised, he LOVED his Python class! The teacher made it really fun and he is always excited to share what he created in class. He is now on Level 3 and asking what he can take next!

Damon, father of Colin, age 13, NJ

Scratch Jr

Ages: 5-7

Learning to code at any age is beneficial to students. Similar to learning another language, early exposure can help a child pick it up with confidence and ease With coding, the earlier children learn coding fundamentals - they can apply it to any programming language they study over time.

3D Video Game Design

Ages: 6-8

One of the best ways to get kids excited is to allow them to create something of their own. In this exciting Intro to Coding, students bring their imaginations to life in full, 3D color!

Minecraft Club

Ages: 6-8

In this course kids will be able to recreate a number of real life structures in-game, while learning about a variety of important topics including architecture, physics, and circuitry. Students will love learning how to make a farmhouse, a roller coaster, and even a Rube Goldberg machine


Ages: 8-10

This class provides a powerful learning tool for budding programmers– using an advanced block coding format, Scratch teaches fundamental programming concepts also used in more complex languages such as Java and Python.

Roblox Build

Ages: 6-8

Build and play in your own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio! Students will have the chance to stretch their creative minds by building games such as a fun obstacle course and a high speed racing game.

Roblox Code

Ages: 9-11

In this course, students will design, code and play their own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio! Students code using the programming language Lua which is currently the leading scripting language used in games. Roblox’s special version of this language – Roblox Lua, enhances the experience as students manipulate environments and program while having fun.

Web & App Development

Ages: 10-13

This course emphasizes components of both creative design and technical learning – encouraging students to embrace teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving as they progress on their coding journey!


Ages: 10-13

This versatile and widely used programming language is a great next step for experienced programmers. It also offers a “on-ramp” to middle school students ready to learn to code! With user-friendly interfaces and syntax, Python is a powerful, “typed” language that will allow students to build a series of applications and games.

Minecraft Java Mods

Ages: 8-11*

By modifying (modding) Minecraft’s underlying code, kids create powerful objects and special powers that do not normally exist in the game.
In our classes, kids learn to code their own mods using a drag and drop interface - students literally “hack” the game and bring their imaginations to life - all while learning Java fundamentals (a widely used programming language).

Minecraft Modding: Java

Ages: 11-13*

Modding in Minecraft is one of the best ways for kids to learn computer science – students can use their imaginations and knowledge of Java (a widely used programming language) to create custom, unique mods. In these exciting classes, we give students a chance to bring their creativity and problem-solving skills together.

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