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    Students can enjoy all of the benefits of our award-winning coding courses for kids, all from the comfort and convenience of home. Check out our online coding classes for kids below!

    Our online coding classes for kids are taught by real instructors in real time, which means your child will:

    • Get REAL instruction and feedback from instructors
    • Be part of a REAL community
    • Learn REAL coding fundamentals
    • Have REAL fun learning

    Online coding classes for kids

    CodeAdvantage has taught thousands of students to code in top private and public schools in the NYC metro area. Working with one of the most demanding schools districts in the country, we’ve learned how to create high quality, educational and fun experiences for kids all ages.

    Our online coding classes offer the same high-quality, kid-tested, parent-approved programs we’ve been delivering in our after-school and private courses. Kids of all coding levels will learn coding concepts and techniques that can be applied to hands-on applications like building games and creating animations.

    Classes are geared towards 3rd to 8th grade students and are limited to a maximum of 7 students in order to guarantee personal attention from instructors. Additional Enrichment will be provided at the end of each lesson so students can take on (optional) exercises and challenges throughout the week. Our online coding courses are great for kids that cannot make it to one of our after-school programs.

  • CA Virtual Classrooms

    We weren’t sure what to expect from an online coding class but it was beyond our expectations – amazing instructors that keep the kids engaged and having fun. Our 10 year old daughter loved Scratch and is excited to do Python next!

    Finally, an after school enrichment activity that doesn’t require me to do drop off and pick up! The kids get home from school and log into their class – an hour later they can’t wait to tell me what they created and are ready to play and eat dinner!

  • How it Works
    1. Find the perfect class

    Explore our online class options and/or speak to our Principal to learn more

    2. Register

    Choose from a wide selection of available days and times to find a class that’s convenient for you. All classes run on 8-week cycles that meet one day per week.

    3. Preliminary Meeting

    Before your child’s first class, we’ll schedule a “get to know you” session, an online meeting with you, your child, and the instructor. We’ll check your technical specs to make sure you’re able to access the virtual classroom, go over how everything works, and give you an opportunity to meet your instructor.

    4. Learn

    As part of a live classroom setting, kids will be part of a community of real students with real instructors. Optional practice materials and challenges will be provided weekly so students can keep learning even when class isn’t in session. Technical support is available, and just like in school, our principal is available to assist students with any other issues or concerns.

  • Our Online Coding Classes for Kids
  • Online Coding Classes for Kids

    Email us to create your own customized online class.

  • Online Class
    • $175 for an 8 week session
    • 60 minute sessions 1x per week
    • Max 7 students
    • Access to our Advantage Portal (addt’l enrichment challenges)

  • Private Online Class
    • Pricing Varies
    • Create a class at a day/time that fits your schedule
    • Organize a group from friends, classmates, similar age siblings, etc
    • Up to 7 students
    • Access to our Advantage Portal (addt’l enrichment challenges)
    • Allows for 1 make up class
  • 1:1 tutoring
    • Pricing Varies
    • Private instruction with instructor
    • Class days/times customized to fit your schedule
    • Access to our Advantage Portal (addt’l enrichment challenges)
    • Allows makeup classes

  • Online Coding Class Schedule
    Day Time Class Grade level Session Dates Price
    Monday 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm EST Kodu Play Online 3rd - 5th 2 Mar - 20 Apr $175
    Monday 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm EST Python Design Online 6th - 8th 2 Mar - 20 Apr $175
    Friday 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST Kodu Play Online 3rd - 5th 6 Mar - 24 Apr $175
    Saturday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST Super Scratch Online 3rd - 5th 21 Mar - 9 May $175
  • What Parents are Saying about our Online Coding Courses

    I wanted to get my son involved with coding but could never find a location that fit with our busy schedule. CodeAdvantage’s online computer programming class helped my son learn to code and feel like he was in a class of peers the whole time. All from the convenience of our home!

    My daughter loves the class – she can’t wait to tackle the extra enrichment and feels she has really accomplished so much in each class. The classes are well structured and fun!

  • Meet our Principal
  • Erica Chodkowski is the Principal of our Virtual classes. With her dual masters degree in Elementary and Special Education and extensive experience working with students including special needs and gifted, she ensures our curriculum, instructors, and teaching methods create a fun, educational experience for all. Prior to joining CodeAdvantage, Erica also worked for the Walt Disney Company developing a clear understanding of how to run an organization with high quality standards.

    Erica’s mission is for CodeAdvantage to be a catalyst for kids to develop critical reasoning, creative expression, and logical thinking in a fun and interactive environment.

    She is available to answer any questions, receive feedback, or help you select the right class for your child’s needs.

  • Our instructors

    At CodeAdvantage, we pride ourselves on our Rock Star Instructors! They come equipped with technical backgrounds AND prior work experience with kids so they understand how to help young kids learn to code. We hand-pick only the best and train them to deliver a great educational experience. Our instructors don’t just teach, they build relationships, allowing kids to feel comfortable and confident as they develop their coding knowledge.

  • FAQs
    What are the technical requirements?
    1. A modern PC or Mac computer with sufficient memory. Tablets are not supported for online class use. Please note: Kodu is not offered for those with Mac Computers or Chrome Books.

    2. A USB headset

    3. A web camera

    Who is a Virtual Classroom for?

    CodeAdvantage virtual classes are intended for 3rd-8th graders interested in coding. Our classes range from beginner to advanced. Many parents appreciate the convenience and flexibility of their child taking the class from the comfort of their own home. The kids still feel part of a classroom environment with classmates and an instructor.

    How many students are in each class?

    There is a maximum of 7 students in each class, though some classes may be smaller. We’ve found this is the perfect number in order to optimize interactions with instructors and other students in the class.

    How long to classes last?

    Each CodeAdvantage virtual class is 60 minutes long.

    Who are the teachers?

    Our instructors have backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and/or math as well as experience working with kids. With a strong understanding of how to teach coding to young kids, your child gets a fun, educational class experience. All our instructors undergo background checks.

    Is this self-guided?

    No, our virtual classroom offers a convenient way for your child to participate in a classroom environment with a real, live instructor. We offer the same great instruction that is available in our after school classes and private classes.

    Is there homework?

    We understand that some students will be excited to apply what they are learning to even more challenges. We provide access to our Advantage portal which contains a high level review of the lesson and additional challenges and exercises that can be done between classes. If a student has questions or wants to discuss the exercises, they can log on 5 min prior to the class start time.

    Can missed classes be made up?

    We do not offer make ups for any classes missed. The Advantage portal contains a review of the main concepts from each lesson and additional challenges.

    What if my child can’t log on or has technical difficulties?

    The purpose of the preliminary assessment is to conduct a thorough test of your child’s equipment (including headphones and webcam). If you experience any technical difficulties during a class, we will do our best to resolve them without taking away from the full classroom experience. If it is more serious, we will schedule a time to help you resolve it. We suggest everyone log on 5 minutes prior to the class start time so that any unexpected issues can be resolved prior to class.

    Are the additional enrichment exercises checked or graded?

    We don’t require students to complete the enrichment exercises like it’s homework, so we don’t grade it like homework either. However, if students would like to review their work, they’re able to discuss with the instructor 5 minutes prior to each class.

    Contact us

    We are in the process of updating our next session of classes. Please fill out this contact form to learn more about upcoming classes for your child.