Python | Grades 4 – 8

Ever wonder how YouTube, Google, Instagram, or Spotify were created?

Python was used to build all of these and more. In Python, students will be introduced to computer programming and put new concepts to use by developing fun and educational programs.

Students will build a series of Python applications and games with text-based and graphical interfaces. By learning the basics of Python programming, students can expand their abilities to build even more complicated games using graphics, animation, and sound.

My daughter can’t wait to create something new in class – she is learning even more than she realizes. When we ask her about the concepts covered in class, we are amazed at how much she is learning about coding!

— Beth and daughter Taylor, 7th grade

Benefits of Python

Teaches real world coding essentials

Empowers students to «own» the game

Activates creative thinking and critical reasoning

Delight family and friends with cool games!

Coding Champion

Coding Champion

Are you a parent who’s passionate about giving kids access to coding education? Interested in bringing CodeAdvantage to your school? Want the opportunity to earn free classes for your child? Let’s talk about how you can become a Coding Champion.


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