App Development Classes for Kids and Teens

15 April, 2021

App Development Classes for Kids and Teens

Why is app development great for kids and teens?

  • It is educational and provides a creative outlet
  • It opens exciting and lucrative career paths
  • It teaches problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • It adds a productive dimension to their screen time
  • It involves learning simple but professional-level coding languages

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App Development Classes for Kids and Teens

Digital communication and entertainment has become the center of our world – and our kids’ world too, as smartphones and apps like YouTube, WhatsApp and TikTok have alleviated their isolation during the pandemic. But some might ask whether our kids’ reliance on technology has gone too far. According to a 2019 report by Common Sense Media, by age 12 more than two thirds of American kids own a smartphone, and teens spend nearly half of their waking hours in front of a screen – not including time spent on schoolwork. What if this screen time could be put to more productive use? If kids are spending hours each day using apps, then why don’t they learn to build their own?

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What is app development?

App development is a sphere of programming which focuses on design and creation of apps for mobile devices and computers. Apps are supposed to be customizable and interactive to grab users’ attention, so learning to develop them ticks all the boxes for kids: it teaches them new skills and provides a much-needed creative outlet. Whether your kid loves playing computer games or puzzles, making art on their tablet, or sharing photos with their friends – app development is a field which is open to all interests!

Exciting app development careers

The skills acquired through app development open doors to some really exciting career paths. As has become evident during the pandemic, even the smallest of businesses now need an online presence, so app developers are welcomed into the job market with open arms – whether you end up working at a start-up, a famous multinational company, or freelancing from anywhere in the world. The salaries are great – according to Stack Overflow, the average Android Developer in the US is paid more than $90,000 per year. Even if your kid doesn’t know right now which career path they want to go down, coding is an important skill regardless. We study math and English for many years to prepare us for any eventualities, and given the growing importance and popularity of apps in today’s world, learning to code sets kids up for the future – the earlier you start, the sooner you’ll master it!

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What skills do you acquire through app development?

When learning anything new, you’ll encounter obstacles to overcome. But learning to code apps greatly improves problem solving skills and perseverance. When they hit a bump in the road, young coders learn to assess their errors, debug, and try again. We’ve mentioned that app development is a fantastic creative outlet, but this extends beyond creating the visual content of the app. Creativity means learning to think outside the box and experiment with different coding solutions. This is a critical skill in the adult world – and one which often isn’t honed in school, where rote learning is the path to success.

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App development time = productive screen time

The apps our children use are designed to be addictive. They are engineered on the same psychology as slot machines: users never know when they’ll be rewarded with the dopamine rush of exciting new content. If regulating screen time is proving more of a battle than it’s worth, then what about redirecting it? Instead of settling down for a social media marathon or an evening of gaming, kids and teens can sign up for an app development course where they can put their electronic hours to good use. Any time spent learning something new is good, even if that learning experience is via a screen.

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Coding languages for app development

There are a few common languages that every app developer should learn, including JavaScript and Python. JavaScript is a beginner-friendly programming language used to create web and mobile apps. It is easy to write and requires only a web browser. When integrated with HTML and CSS, these three languages form the backbone of web technology. Python is one of the simplest professional languages to learn, with a syntax more similar to everyday English than other coding languages. It is used in web app development and is the primary language used in AI and machine learning. Although these languages are cornerstones of industry, and learning them paves the way for many future opportunities, they are suitable to learn for older children and teens!

App development classes at CodeAdvantage

Your kids and teens can learn app development with CodeAdvantage’s web and app development courses, suitable for ages 10-15. Our project-based classes teach students to expertly layer JavaScript, HTML and CSS into dynamic websites and mobile apps, whilst honing their teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills. Past student projects have included photo galleries, embedded animations, multimedia mobile-friendly websites and more!CodeAdvantage, App classes

Our classes comprise three different levels:

  1. Learn the building blocks of web and app development to create mobile-friendly webpages and apps with customised graphics and visuals.
  2. Bring apps, games, and websites to life with all kinds of interactive features.
  3. Customise and create your own web-based apps and games using more advanced developer tools.

Thanks for reading this article and if you have any questions or comments on this topic or coding and STEM in general, please feel free to contact us

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